When Women Heal...


Sabriyah is an Author, Speaker, Chief Productivity Strategist, and Clutter Coach. She is the creator of The Clarity Circle, and an expert on how families can live more meaningful on less.

In her own unique and nonjudgmental way, she has been helping busy people create environments that inspire, sustain, and nurture them. Cutting through the clutter, gaining clarity, and creating a life of balance so you may live a life you enjoy, in a home you love and reach your goals with a clearer head is her top mission. Her approach is both easy and motivating; she is a natural, and her passion for organizing shines through.

Sabriyah promises not to try to reinvent you; instead, she helps you find your style and work with it. Her goal is to share real ideas that really work. Learn more at www.bricallis.com


 Sabriyah Callis, Retreat Coordinator and Co-host