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Our Vision



When women heal, hearts are mended, stress is lifted, minds are expanded, and confident life-altering decisions are made. True healing begins with revealing. Women all over the world are standing up and speaking out with their stories of oppression, pain, silenced abuse and shedding a light on issues that plague the advancement of womankind.


TDR Brands International not only stand in solidarity with women all over the world, we are taking clear, deliberate action. Since its creation in 2009, we have empowered and educated over 47,000 women who desire to live life on their own terms using entrepreneurship. We have had front row seats to the issues that hold women back and the necessary resources that could propel them forward. Hence, our Pause & Propel Movement, which has led us to the creation of a solution-based focused campaign called When Women Heal. We are confident this highly engaging focus group is the solution for our girls and women across the world.


The first Pause & Propel Global Leadership Summit and Retreat for Women was held in South Africa in October 2016. This intimate roundtable experience was a monumental, eye-opening event for the thirty delegates and trailblazers present. We were able to dig deep into the hearts and minds of the women of South Africa who desired change but were battling systematic obstacles ranging from an overwhelming lack of access to education, healthcare and resources.  

In an effort to affect real change, we locked arms with organizations who shared our same solution-based strategic  mission of increasing accessibility of education, social activism and empowerment. We’ve learned that we can positively bring about change through the following solutions: the creation of employment opportunities; the enhancement of and access to quality education, and a plan to significantly decrease the acceptance of violence, particularly sexual violence, against women.



Tierra Destiny Reid
Executive Director, Mentor

Our final stop before departing South Africa. Love is the universal language.

Our final stop before departing South Africa. Love is the universal language.