When Women Heal...


Lorea M. Sample is an empowerment speaker, entrepreneur, engineer, recently appointed Vice President of Global Affairs and Community Inititauves for Pause and Propel Africa with TDR Brands International, and author of the February 2017 release of UNlearning UNworthiness: Your Journey to Becoming Intentional About Self-Love and Personal Development. The process of unlearning unworthiness is something Lorea is very intimate with and it has become her mission to teach and guide women with inner healing and true empowerment. 


Through her content, speaking, digital courses, and live events, is how the mission of unlearning unworthiness is accomplished. It is Lorea’s firm belief that when you are true to yourself, you, your relationships, and your business will experience a new burst of life. You will connect with your ideal clients and support system because your truth speaks to their truth. You will feel more energized and motivated because all of your actions are aligned with your values. By UNlearning UNworthiness™, she positioned herself for purpose, service, and freedom in integrity….and so can you.

 Lorea Sample, Vice President Global Leadership Activism Summit