When Women Heal...



Camille is a fourth generation entrepreneur, unconventional brick-and-mortar business consultant and licensed commercial real estate broker with a mission to end small business retail failure. Through several business ventures, programs, speaking engagements and books, Camille provides inspiration, ingenuity and insight to serious business owners looking to build sustainable brands. With over 20 years of experience in both small business and corporate sales and marketing, Camille has the unique ability to help the small business owner build on a local level but think like a global brand.

She has started, invested in and/or sold roughly 17 businesses starting at the age of six. From an early age she set forth to help others find the greatness within them and open their eyes to what really is possible in life. Where she fell short was that she often put myself on the back burner to support everyone else. In a life-altering two and a half years, she battled two cancer scares, a corporate layoff, a miscarriage, and a 170-lb weight loss challenge, leaving her to embrace the title of Reinventionista – going from snappy to happy, from a broken single mom to a fit married matriarch and from a long time disgruntled employee to a self-employed brilliant boss. 

She has been able to fuse everything she loves to create a company that she loves. In a short time, her original behind-the-scenes brand has expanded into speaking, authoring, and training through Callen Charm School™, a charm school for business that teaches confidence, clear communications and customer care. In addition, she is proud to have founded a supportive and resourceful networking group, created to embrace the art and science of being a woman entrepreneur.
She takes a sugar-free, but humorous approach to results driven success and positivity is at the core. Often through tough love, she purposes to engage in speaking positively into the lives of everyone she comes in contact with on a daily basis – from family and friends to fans and followers.

 Camille Allen, Strategic Planning