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Our mission is to serve and inspire others to own their healing process, which requires laser focus and vision. While there are several obstacles that exist in the world today, we have chosen to focus on pooling our resources for greater impact. 

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As emerging leaders and servants, we are reaching for the support and wisdom of trailblazers and community leaders who have already shattered glass ceilings. We are reaching for the baton instead of continuously starting from scratch. 



Our experience at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in South Africa, expanded our vision for servitude, gratitude, and healing. Education is the gateway to new possibilities and our legacy is determined by the choices we make today.

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Patronizing women owned establishments not only supports our pillar of economic empowerment, but it allows her to assist in healing her community. Conscious spending, intentional collaborations, and a heart for others, heals those we may never know or reach.

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2019 Fashion Ambassador






Our 2019 Global Leadership Activism Trailblazer Award Honoree is Mrs. Charlayne Hunter-Gault. 

Born on February 27, 1942, in Due West, South Carolina, Charlayne Hunter-Gault spent the majority of her childhood in Georgia, where, in 1961, she became the first African-American woman to enroll at the University of Georgia, as well as one of the first two African-American students to integrate the school. After graduating, Hunter-Gault became an esteemed, award-winning journalist and correspondent, working for media outlets such as the New York Times, PBS and NP. 


In 1988, Hunter-Gault became the first African American to give the University of Georgia's commencement address.


Best known for her reporting, Charlayne Hunter-Gault ventured into wine production after relocating to South Africa. The label she and her husband founded is called Passages

When Women Heal...All are helping embolden women to be all they can be
— Charlayne Hunter-Gault

2018 Honoree: Etoy Ridgnal

When Women Heal, we transform the world. Our individual healing facilitates our ability to be open, present, self-actualized and truly free. Collectively living in these energies provides healing for the entire world.
— Etoy Ridgnal
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Meet the Corner Sisters

Kasundra Brown

Kasundra Brown

Pastor K

Rev. Kasundra R. Brown loves GOD’S Word and building up HIS People. She has planned and participated in numerous youth, women’s and family conferences. Whether one on one or in a group, she passionately educates, edifies and encourages women in particular and everyone in general by teaching and preaching Biblical Truth. Her delivery has been described as dynamic, humorous and real. She strives to “put the cookies on the bottom shelf” so that her listeners can not only hear the Word but do the Word also. Pastor K, as the kids in her Massachusetts youth ministry dubbed her, loves to research and teach the ancient practices and principles found in Scripture because she firmly and fervently believes that the Bible is GOD’S Holy Word. And as such, it accurately reflects the history of fallen man and GOD’S extraordinary efforts to prove HIS love for HIS flawed creatures. (John 3:16; Romans 5:8) Having served as an Assistant Pastor, Christian Ed Director, Women’s Ministry Director and Youth Pastor, Pastor K is equally comfortable teaching in an intimate workshop setting as well as preaching or speaking from a large pulpit or stage.

Roz Knighten Warfield

Roz Knighten Warfield

Smile strategist

Roz Knighten-Warfield, is affectionately known as the smiling prayer warrior. Roz has an amazing synergy that creates power connections for women who desire to lead lives full of zeal, clarity, empowerment and encouragement.  Come join us September 10th-29th, at 4:40cst/5:40est am, Monday - Friday for the inspired teaching of the Five Love Languages, by one of her favorite authors!

SMILE, it's an acronym for Simply Make Intentional Love Encounters ™

Errica Bishop

Errica Bishop

Emotions Coach

Errica Bishop is a native of South Carolina, a Mother of 2 and a Servant of the Lord. Errica is the Founder and CEO of Empowered to Prosper LLC. She is a Life Coach, Career Consultant, and Mentor that works with individuals and professionals to assist them in advancing their personal lives and professional careers to grow in leadership and emotional intelligence. She believes that if you release your negative past experiences, embrace your blessings with a new mindset and be intentionally present in the moment; you will soar to your future.

Errica has over 20 years of experience as a Corporate Trainer, Facilitator, Operations Manager, and HR Business Partner. She has created dozens of leadership and development curriculum for Fortune 50 Corporations such as Target Corporation in Supply Chain and Distribution, where she has received several awards for her leadership and development of others. Errica has also served in ministerial capacities in outreach ministry, prison ministries, an intercessor, teacher and preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition to training and facilitating training for faith-based organizations,  she is also the Founder of a non-profit organization- Steps to Change.

Errica holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration Management from The University of South Carolina. She is the Founder and Director of Core Consulting and Development Group in addition to being an active license in Insurance Agent, Real Estate Agent and an Ordained Minister.